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Your well-meant kindness and concern for me
Bring me more deeply still into your debt,
Although I cannot help confess to you:
If Travis had availed him of your offer,
Had proven a traitor to his country's hopes,
Your reckoning had been made without a host.
Since my consent you never would have gained.
But why converse of things impossible.
As Travis never will disgrace him so?
His very love for me, inseparably
Blent with his honor and his zeal for freedom.
Has caused him to reject your proffered terms.
So blame him not. Though nothing can enhance
My love for him, his present fortitude


Nigh tempts me to adore him like a god.

Santa Anna.


Our first assault, I see, has been repulsed,
The better then our second may succeed.,

[At this moment the dull imports of cannon indicating the commencement of the bombardment, are heard in the distance. Elsie becomes profoundly excited.


Hear you those guns? they mean your lover's death,