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head bowed to the ground he speaks in breathless whispers :]

Hark, hark! Hast thou not heard this floor beneath
Some hasting footsteps?—There they are again—
A secret passage-way must lie below—
E'en now the sounds come nearer, ever nearer,—
Are they the feet of friends, of enemies?—
They come up here—they mount a hidden stair—
They raise a trap-door 'neath the altar-cloth—
What means this mystery? who can they be?

[Motioning Smith to the chapel-door, Travis takes his position behind the altar, the sword in his right and the cocked pistol in his left, leveling it at the altar. The cloth with which the latter is covered is suddenly thrown back, and from beneath it Elsie and James Travis emerge. When Colonel Travis beholds them, he drops both sword and pistol, and with outspread arms rushes into their embrace.]

Scene III.

Colonel Wm. Travis—Elsie—James Travis—Chaplain Smith. The latter remains standing at the door, where truth mute delight he overhears the conversation of the above.

Col. Wm. Travis.

Oh, Elsie, Elsie! Oh, my brother James!
How can it be? It is a vision's dream!