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[Lying in his embrace.]

No, Travis, no! it is no phantom's spell.
'T is I, thy Elsie, rendered back to thee!

James Travis.

And it is I, 't is I, thy brother James,
Who 'live and hale now lies in thy embrace.

Col. Wm. Travis.

Oh! God is good and over-merciful!


Yes, Travis, yes! 't is He whose wondrous hand
Brought us together, nevermore to part!
Rememberest thou that with this self-same word
Three years ago I bade thee trust in Him,
That He through night and darkness, grief and trial,
Would lead our love to glorious consummation?
^nd know'st thou still the subterranean way,
To which on that occasion I alluded?
What then my lips, inspired unconsciously,
What then my spirit, childlike-unaware,
Proclaimed as hope-awakening allegory,
Stands realized to-day before our sight.

Col. Wm. Travis.

Oh! had a dream, only a dream presented
Before my slumbering soul this lovely image,
That I should hold you both in my embrace,