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and while he and the Chaplain for a short time indulge in manifestations of joy about their meeting again, Colonel William Travis continues, speaking to Elsie.]

Our wedding, Elsie, will not come to pass
As we, when seated once in moonlight's glare
'Neath Anahuac's verdant garden-bower,
In glowing tints had pictured to one another.
Yet though our fancy's dreams are not fulfilled,
Our wedding-day is not devoid of charms.
The sparkling tears of joy within thine eyes
Outshine in brilliancy the costliest pearls
Wherewith thou couldst have decked thee out to-day;
The glowing blush upon thy cheeks out-does
The fairest rose-bloom which thou couldst have worn;
While in solemnity of hour and place
No earthly wedding can compete with ours.


And if on Earth the picture of our fancy
Has been excelled by its embodiment,
How much more gloriously will Heaven redeem
What little we have lost beneath. For now
The draft we thought to hold on eartlily gifts
Has been exchanged for one on Heaven's delights,
Far greater, safer, better than the first.

[Here James Travis and the Chaplain advance to the altar.]