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Col. Wm. Travis.

What say'st thou? "Elsie Bradbiirn?"—Elsie Travis:
This and none else must henceforth be thy name.
Thy love gave me that dearly-cherished right
Thy presence here makes it necessity!
As blent our souls in one delightful trance,
As blent our hearts in one regard for truth,
As will our lives blend in one glorious death.
So must hereafter stand our names entwined!
William and Elsie Travis: this must be
The appellation of that double-star,
Whose brilliancy, blent inseparably,
Will shine upon the firmament of fame.


Oh, Travis! if within my .bosom's niche
Still lurked a secret longing it was this.
Though I forebore to make it known to thee.
Hedged as thou art, by obstacles and foes,
I fain forced back into my bosom's shrine
The care for my repute, than rather add
More to the weight of thy embarrassment.
Now, now, I am the happiest of women!
But, pray where is the hand, that God-ordained,
Will consecrate our wedlock's holy bond?

Col. Wm. Travis.

Wilt, brother, call the chaplain from the door?

[While James Travis goes to execute his brother's wish