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Thy wisdom now has set my spirit free,
Boldly it rises to the aerial pole,
And clearly feels, that, what as Beauty's share
It here has known, will perfect Truth be there.


Therefore, oh Death! where,—where is now thy sting?
Therefore, oh Grave! where is thy victory?
My wintery soul bursts forth to bloom of Spring,
My bosom's discords swell to harmony,
My spirit's veil is lift by magic ring.
From dross refined, my powers rise valiantly;
And from the cup of Love with ecstasy
I quaff the draught of Immortality.

David Crockett.

[Appears at the door.]

Now it is time ! the enemy approach!


Wm. Travis.


Thou sayest true! my friend! now it is time!
When so we yearn for higher, better sphere.
When fall on us such beams from heavenly clime,
When o'er our hearts is spread such comfort's cheer,
When on our ear strikes such celestial chime:
Then, truly ! it is time to part from here!
Come, Elsie, come ! one moment yet of pain:
Then joy for aye and happiness amain.

[Wm. and Elsie Travis leave the chapel.]