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Still greater grief to thee. This must be changed.
I will resign my duties here, when freed,
And leave this country, elsewhere to await
Our union under fairer auspices.


And thinkest thou so mean of me, thy maiden,
That I would cheer this plan by my assent,
Which, if pursued, at once would controvert
The glorious mission thou hast set before thee:
To free this country from the tyrant's yoke?
No, no! thou only spakest so to try me,
To test my spirit's metal, if it were
Not all too far below thy lofty standard.
Behold! when entering here a while ago,
I overheard thy vow, sent from a spot
Whose very air, as mildew blights the flowers,
Is death to hope and courage, then meseemed
I saw a radiant halo o'er thy head
Through which in fiery letters blazed the words:
" His patriotism will realize his vow!"
Should I then meanly, selfishly divert
Thy manly race, bold as the torrent's sweep,
Into the path of common-place stagnation?
Should I, short-sighted, narrow-minded, wrest
The palm of fame and victory from thee?
Should I, in fear about my happiness,
For ever blast the hopes of many thousands?