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No, Travis, no! when beams thy name resplendent
Upon the heaven of glory and renown,
May then with it the woeful history
Of my resigning sacrifice be blent
To serve as proof, that for her country's freedom
A Texan maiden deems no price too high.


Now art thou wholly as I wished to find thee!
Oh, happy I! since for me beats and throbs
The noblest heart that ever dwelt in woman!
But think, beloved! can no way be found
To spare from thee this woeful suicide
Of every hope and earthly joy, whom thus
Resigningly thou lay'st on Freedom's altar?


If there exists a way, it lies with us.
But not with thee; thy cause is great and just,
And must remain so, like the polar-star's
Unaltered station on the starlit sky.
So it is we it is my father's course
That must be changed, if all shall yet be well.
That would restore thy freedom at a time
When needs this land thy arm and counsel most;
That would enroll with active sympathy
His heart and mine upon the patriot's side;
That that alone, if Heaven should will it so.