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And if thy zeal, thy honesty and courage
Could win me o'er to thee and overthrow
Mine every plan, mine every principle,
One obstacle will always still remain,
'Gainst which thy arguments cannot prevail:
My love for thee! To think thee lone and helpless
'Mong strangers, war and passionate party-strife,
I cannot, must not, dare not list to thee.


[In utter despair.]

Again thy ear is deafened to my prayers,
Again thy heart is hardened to my tears.
Poor father, oh! how wilt thou rue it once!
For come it will, that stark, that dreadful hour,
When every word I spake just now, will ring
Within thine ear, like mockery of devils.
When every tear I shed just now will burn
Upon thy soul like drops of hellish fire!
Oh, knewest thou, how bleeds my heart within me,
Couldst thou but see those visions 'fore my mind,
Couldst thou but hear the warnings in my ear.
Thou wouldst, thou wouldst relent for thine own good.
'Tis not to be! Let God's will then be done!

[Proceeding more calmly.]

One more request I have to lay before thee.
Thou hast upon thine own authority,