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Somewhat annoys me, since it indicates
His bold design to free him from his web
Wherein I saw and helped him evermore
To grow entangled. An American,
He entered our service,—a mistake
Which oft, no doubt, has brought him into conflict
With all his innate feelings. Weak enough
To suffer than courageously to free him.
He first suggested to my mind the thought
To try and show what I can do as god.

[When Cos, by raising his arms in deprecation, expresses his utmost horror at Santa Anna's word, the latter continues.:]

As spider then! By missions like the present,
I imperceptibly have tightened more and more
My cobweb's threads around his every step,
Until my highest curiosity
Is roused to see and know where he will end.


Beware, lest God ensnare thee self through him.

[Exit Cos.]

Santa Anna.


This Bradburn troubles me! for if his will
Has once rebelled against his fate, why not
This time, when such a chance is given to him?