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Seemed reasons strong enough for choosing him.
And faithless? Ah! it needs a strong suspicion
To overthrow the record of his service.


I fain bestow on him my confidence
In every war and emprise save the contest
Against his former countrymen and friends.
Elsewhere so gallant,—here he is a coward;
Elsewhere so active,—here he lacks in zeal.
Hast thou forgot, that 'gainst his reputation
Still lurks the old suspicion, treacherously
To have surrendered Anahuac's Fort
Three years ago, without one single shot?
And even now he seems upon his mind
To have some plan, that scents of mystery;
For as a friend from Vera Cruz informs me,
He has transferred his bank-account abroad.

Santa Anna.


He has? since when.


The day of our departure.

But why so pensive now?

Santa Anna.

I must confess
That Bradburn's act, though little in itself,