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The self-same forteress, which to repossess
Costs us e'en now the lives of several hundred?
And wouldst thou feed these rogues for months and years,
At the expense of our exhausted chest?
And most of all reward that traitor Travis
With wealth and grace instead of the garotte?

Santa Anna.

[Folding his hands, and devoutly casting his eyes tip to heaven.]

Such is my plan! if then my countrymen,
Justly embittered over the insurgents,
Refuse to ratify its stipulations.
And slay the men, with whom they made no treaty,
Thus kindly saving me a fine estate.
And our Republic quite a large expense,
I must regret it, though I cannot change it.


I understand! but, riddle of a man!
Why hast thou chosen that American
For messenger, who seems to me of all
Least suited, least trustworthy for the charge?

Santa Anna.

Least suited, why? His readiness of speech,
His nationality, his daughter's love
For Travis, and his diplomatic skill