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Jlrticles on Topics of Legal Index Scienceto Periodicals or occupies a position in respect to the corpora tion, that enables him at an earlier stage to see and Related Subjects the approaching calamity and secure himself Administrative Law. "Some Powers and against it." Biography. Martin. "Luther Martin and Problems of the Federal Administrative." By Jasper Yeates Brinton. 61 Univ. of Pa. Law the Trials of Chase and Burr; II, The Impeach ment of Burr." By Hon. Ashley M. Gould. Review 135 (Jan.). "Great as are the evils of bureaucracy, their 1 Georgetown Law Journal no. 2, p. 13 (Jan.). Constitutionality of Statutes. See Social cure is not to be found in the narrowing of admin istrative responsibilities or in the tightening of Legislation. judicial control. By responsibility only can we Corporations. "Notice to a Corporation develop efficiency, and what seems to be needed is rather a recognition of the true importance of from Entries on its Books." By Edwin H. the administrative system and a scientific study Abbot, Jr. 26 Harvard Law Review 237 (Jan.). of administrative problems." "Both upon principle and upon authority a Aliens. "The Jurisdiction of Courts over corporation as matter of law is charged with knowledge of entries made upon its books on its Foreigners; I, European Law." By Prof. Joseph behalf in the usual course of business. If facts Henry Beale. 26 HarvardLaw Review 193 (Jan.). so recorded are material the corporation cannot "The extent of the judicial jurisdiction of a escape the effect of such notice because the agent who acts on its behalf is ignorant of the entries. sovereign, especially where the jurisdiction de pends on some power over the person of the The cases suggest that the agent is construc defendant, is a puzzling question as to which the tively charged with such knowledge. ... It is courts of civilized nations are very far from an far simpler and more logical to hold that entries agreement. Nor is this disagreement likely to made upon the corporate books on its behalf be removed by any international movement and in the usual course of business are notice such as the Institute of International Law. Each directly to the corporation as matter of law." See Bankruptcy, Monopolies. state is wedded to its own views as to its power over foreigners, while at the same time it is apt Criminal Procedure. "Criminal Procedure to deny to all other states the extreme powers in Scotland, I." By Edwin R. Keedy. 3 Journal over its own citizens which it exercises itself over foreigners. The fact of this extreme claim by a of Criminal Law and Criminology 728 (Jan.). state of jurisdiction for itself, coupled with the A full account of the organization of the courts denial of similar jurisdiction for other states, and of the rest of the legal system, including leads to curious questions as to the legality advocates, law agents (solicitors), and prosecut within a state of the exercise of such extreme ing officers, together with a description of the jurisdiction, and as to the action of third states, several stages of pleading and practice. when such jurisdiction is brought in question in See Privilege against Self-incrimination. their courts. It seems that the most satis Criminology. "The Prevalence of Crime in factory way of dealing with the subject is to examine in the case of the principal states their the United States and Its Extent Compared with claim of jurisdiction for their own courts, and that in Leading European States." By Julius their attitude toward similar jurisdiction by Goebel, Jr. 3 Journal of Criminal Law and foreign courts." Criminology 754 (Jan.). Banking Law. See Negotiable Instruments. "In the face of a serious situation such as con Bankruptcy. "Preferences by Insolvent Cor fronts our nation, nothing could be more frivol porations to Officers, Directors or Stockholders." ous and dangerous than mere experimentation. . disease which is eating into the very mar By John L. Campbell, Jr. 61 Univ. of Pa. Law The row of our social body needs heroic treatment. Review 163 (Jan.). At all events the situation is one which demands "It will be seen from the decisions that the the attention and study of the leaders of Ameri courts consider the actual relation to the cor can thought and action. The shocking amount poration occupied by the stockholder, and base of crime in the United States, and especially their holdings on that rather than on the mere unpunished crime, is exceedingly discreditable fact that he is a stockholder. The whole ques to us as a nation and indicates a standard of tion of preferences to members of a corporation civilization of which we cannot be proud." rests on equitable grounds of fairness, and See Indemnification for Errors of Criminal equality and equity should not allow, between Justice, Penology. creditors whose claims are equally meritorious, Disparagement of Property. "Disparage that one creditor should obtain an advantage over another, not through any diligence or virtue ment of Property, I." By Prof. Jeremiah Smith. in himself, but merely because he holds an office 13 Columbia Law Review 13 (Jan.).