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Stogenics When riding one night on the B. & O., To relieve my mind of care and woe, I checked my brand new pair of pants Lest I should lose the same, perchance; On awaking, I tendered the porter the check, And gruffly demanded my breeches back, But the porter merely grinned at me For the pants he wore conspicuously And said he had become trustee To wear those splendid pants for me." Then the clerk replied: " 'Tis very clear, This little trip has cost you dear, But the All-in Court will sit tonight And no doubt relieve you from your plight." (Cur. ad: vult. The opinions were delivered seriatim.) This is the opinion of Snagsby, J.: — "None can my knowledge in law gainsay, Volenti non fit injuria — The pants were stolen now who must pay? Why! Qui facit per alium facit per se, This is as easy, as easy can be The railroad's stuck most certainly For pants and outraged modesty." Then up spake Chancellor Guppy: — "This cause should lie in Equity For the porter said he was trustee But Vigilantibus non dormientibus cequitas subvenit — Which says as plain as plain can be, That Sleepers get no Equity The Fool-man Company works this plan, If the railroad does then this court can." Judge Jobling spoke quite learnedly: "I agree with the reasons of Brother Guppy, But from them the opposite conclusion deduce That the Defendant here has no excuse." Seeing how the opinions went Judge Fogg sprang up, shrieked, "I dissent! For with all respect to Stogy, J, He owes money and he must pay The presumption is he forgot the tip, He owed the porter on a former trip So the porter had a lien you see And thereby got the pants in fee: