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The Green Bag Since he went through the pants he now produces Like seisin through the feoffee to uses A warranty Judge Stogy broke And so he is the man to soak!" Good Sergeant Buzzfuzz thought the chance For a coon to get some brand new pants Was an Act of God, so an exception Relieving a carrier from compensation. Then Lord Chief Justice Weevle awoke, And with kindly benevolence he spoke, "Great Plaintiff, good defendant, share The friendly law's impartial care; A leg for him, a leg for thee This is the rule of Admiralty, And for their use, I would surmise De minimis non curat lex, applies." The court adjourned then without day, While Stogy's ghost in dire dismay, Shivered once — then passed away.

A New International Court A QUESTION FOR THE THIRD HAGUE CONFERENCE A PERMANENT Court of Inter national Justice is urged by Mr. James L. Tryon upon the consideration of the Programme Committee of the Third Hague Conference.1 Such a plan, he writes, would not imply the creation of a new international court. The existing court and two proposed courts "should remain substantially as they are, but should be properly related to one another in their respective juiisdictions, each being so organized as best to serve the purpose for which it is intended. The Permanent Court of •"A Permanent Court of International Justice." By James L. Tryon. 22 Yale Law Journal 203 (Jan.).

Arbitration should be for the voluntary settlement of semi-political disputes, or for any controversies that nations are unwilling to submit to the Court of Arbitral Justice. The Court of Arbitral Justice, a better name would be the Court of International Justice, like the Internal Prize Court, should have an obligatory jurisdiction and be strictly judicial in its procedure; but for the sake of prompt and economical administration both courts should be combined in one institution with two chambers." The organic act submitted by the second Hague Conference not only gives the Court of Arbitral Justice juris-