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The Legal World The Virginia Law Register finds the following witticisms in some judicial opinions: "There is nothing certain about a law-suit except the ex pense of it." 78 Me. 49. "A locomotive and a mule may well pass over the same ground so that they pass at different moments of time." 56 Ga. 540. "Estoppel is the principle of law that does not allow a man to speak the truth."


35 S. C. 537. "A person who occasionally re mains sober may be of intemperate habits." 68 Ala. 147. "Even if a man is drunk he has a right to suppose that a bridge open to the use of the public and under control of the county officials will bear up his load in crossing it." 15 Ore. 313.

The Lei al Secretary World of Commerce, Mr. Wilson, Sec JXConthly There was Analysis littleof ofLeading far-reaching Legal impor Eoents retary of Labor, and Mr. Houston, tance to record in the month preceding Secretary of Agriculture, are the only the inauguration of President Wilson. members who never acquired the right Congress enacted no deeply significant to practise law. Mr. Daniels, Secre measure in the lull attending the extinc tary of the Navy, was admitted to the tion of the Taft administration, handing bar in early life but never practised. The over the chief problems of constructive others were all successful practitioners legislation to the next session. The at the bar of their respective states state legislatures hardly got down to though they had of late taken up other serious work, action on the reform of interests extensively, as in the instances practice bills pending in New York and of Secretary Bryan and Secretary Illinois and the measures for the reor McAdoo, or been commissioned with im ganization of the lower courts in Phil portant positions of public trust, as in adelphia and Boston being impossible the cases of Attorney-General McReyso early in the year. February, more nolds, who was assistant Attorneyover, is not a popular month for bar General under Roosevelt and Taft, Secre association meetings. tary of the Interior Lane, who was made Assurance was given of the prospects Corporation Counsel of San Francisco of fairer treatment of the question of and Interstate Commerce Commissioner, Panama Canal tolls by the inspiring Secretary of War Garrison, who was action of the New York Chamber of appointed Vice-Chancellor of New Jer Commerce, whose almost unanimous sey in 1904, and Postmaster-General resolution, adopted Feb. 13, sustaining Burleson, who was a District Attorney Senator Root's amendment and approv for five or six years in Texas before ing the principle of equal treatment achieving national prominence in Con for all nations, has had great moral gress. There obviously will be no dearth of legal ability in the new Cabinet. weight and may have helped to con firm President Wilson in the convictions Important Legislation he is assumed to have formed. President Wilson's cabinet, like that The Dillingham-Burnett immigra of his predecessor, is made up largely of tion bill, being vetoed by ex-President lawyers, seven of the ten department Taft, failed to secure enough votes in heads having been at some time or other the national House Feb. 19 for the veto admitted to the bar. Mr. Redfield, to be overridden. There had been num