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lain with him upon the mountain slopes of Ida. He was not alone, for with him were the two sons of Antenor, Archilochus and Acamas, both skilled in all the arts of war.

824 They that dwelt in Telea under the lowest spurs of Mt. Ida, men of substance, who drink the limpid waters of the Æsepus, and are of Trojan blood—these were led by Pandarus son of Lycaon, whom Apollo had taught to use the bow.

828 They that held Adresteia and the land of Apæsus, with Pityeia, and the high mountain of Tereia—these were led by Adrestus and Amphius, whose breastplate was of linen. These were the sons of Merops of Percote, who excelled in all kinds of divination. He told them not to take part in the war, but they gave him no heed, for fate lured them to destruction.

835 They that dwelt about Percote and Practius, with Sestos, Abydos, and Arisbe—these were led by Asius, son of Hyrtacus, a brave commander—Asius, the son of Hyrtacus, whom his powerful dark bay steeds, of the breed that comes from the river Selleïs, had brought from Arisbe.

840 Hippothoüs led the tribes of Pelasgian spearsmen, who dwelt in fertile Larisa—Hippothoüs, and Pylæus of the race of Mars, two sons of the Pelasgian Lethus, son of Teutamus.

844 Acamas and the warrior Peiroüs commanded the Thracians and those that came from beyond the mighty stream of the Hellespont.

846 Euphemus, son of Trœzenus, the son of Ceos, was captain of the Ciconian spearsmen.

848 Pyræchmes led the Pæonian archers from distant Amydon, by the broad waters of the river Axius, the fairest that flow upon the earth.

851 The Paphlagonians were commanded by stout-hearted Pylæmenes from Enetæ, where the mules run wild in herds. These were they that held Cytorus and the country round Sesamus, with the cities by the river Parthenius, Cromna, Ægialus, and lofty Erithini.