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BK. II.]

856 Odius and Epistrophus were captains over the Halizoni from distant Alybe, where there are mines of silver.

858 Chromis, and Ennomus the augur, led the Mysians, but his skill in augury availed not to save him from destruction, for he fell by the hand of the fleet descendant of Æacus in the river, where he slew others also of the Trojans.

862 Phorcys, again, and noble Ascanius led the Phrygians from the far country of Ascania, and both were eager for the fray.

864 Mesthles and Antiphus commanded the Meonians, sons of Talæmenes, born to him of the Gygæan lake. These led the Meonians, who dwelt under Mt. Tmolus.

867 Nastes led the Carians, men of a strange speech. These held Miletus and the wooded mountain of Phthires, with the water of the river Mæander and the lofty crests of Mt. Mycale. These were commanded by Nastes and Amphimachus, the brave sons of Nomion. He came into the fight with gold about him, like a girl; fool that he was, his gold was of no avail to save him, for he fell in the river by the hand of the fleet descendant of Æacus, and Achilles bore away his gold.

875 Sarpedon and Glaucus led the Lycians from their distant land, by the eddying waters of the Xanthus.