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Of Mr. John Pomfret nothing is known but from a ſlight and confuſed account prefixed to his poems by a nameleſs friend; who relates, that he was the ſon of the Rev. Mr. Pomfret, rector of Luton in Bedfordſhire; that he was bred at Cambridge[1]; entered into orders, and was the rector of Malden in Bedforſhire, and might have riſen in the church; but that when he applied to Dr. Compton, biſhop of London, for inſtitution to a living of conſiderable value, to which he had been preſented, he found a troubleſome obstruction raiſed by a malicious interpretation of some paſſage in his Choice; from which it was inferred, that he conſidered happineſs as more likely to be found in the company of a miſtreſs than of a wife.

  1. He was of Queen's College there, and, by the Univerſity regiſter, appears to have taken his Bachelor's degree in 1584, and his Maſter's in 1698.H.