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Returning from the Clutter Munzil towards the city, along the Cawnpore road, on the right hand side is found a very handsome mosque, called —


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This mosque was built by Nawab Saadut Ali Khan, whether for any especial purpose, history does not show. However it is now held sacred by the Shea sect of Mohumedans who resort there, in considerable numbers, to worship. Tradition states the reason of this to have been, that the Nawab Saadut Ali Khan, when visiting the mosque, on one occasion either fell into a trance, or received a sudden awakening. He was, previous to this circumstance, execrated as a tyrant, but he afterwards became a kind, gracious and benign monarch, reigning successfully to the end of his days.

The building being kept in good repair, preserves its original beauty, and is an object that would well repay a visit.



Near to this is another Mohumedan shrine known as —


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This was built by Shurf-ood-dowlah one of the Deputy Vazeers, in commemoration of his conversion from Hinduism to Mohumedanism. The shrine is interesting, if the story is true, which declares it to be an exact copy of the tomb of the two Imams, Moosa Kazim and Razza Kazim.

These places are well worth a visit when they are illuminated at the celebration of the Mohurrum festival. The sight is then very grand, in fact, defying description.