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1. The Story of Kamakajaku. Bugotu, Ysabel Island.

He dwelt upon the hill at Gaji; and he was mending his nets, and he looked down upon the ocean, and saw it dark exceedingly. And his grandchildren went down to the sea to fish upon the reef, and Kamakajaku said to them, Go and dip salt-water for me in the place I see the sea like that, said he to them. And his grandchildren went forth and down and fished on the beach, and fished with nets; and afterwards they dipped the salt-water, and came up and arrived at the village, and went and gave it to him. And he said to them, Give the dish hither, and I will pour it down and see if the blackness of it is like what I looked down upon, said he. And he poured it down, and looked and did not find it like what he looked down upon from his place upon the hill. And it was morning, and he took the salt-water-vessel, and went forth down, and put in his ear a bit of obsidian, and went down and came to the sea, and put down on the beach his bag and club and shield; and so he took in his hand the vessel and waded, and went down from the shore, and looked up to the hill where he dwelt, and did not yet get sight of it, and swam still out from the shore till he saw the hill at Gaji, and then he dipped. And the surface of the sea sounded and bubbled, and he heard coming-to-him a Kombili (King-fish), a very great fish; and it came and swallowed him, and went-off with him eastwards to the rising up of the sun, and went off with him till it arrived with him at a shallow place, and it threw itself about so that Kamakajaku perceived that there was a beach probably. Here am I, says he, and he thought of the obsidian in his ear, and felt for it and found it, and cut asunder the belly of the Kombili, and leapt out, and saw a brightness. And he sat down and pondered, Where I wonder am I? he said. So up rose the Sun with a bang, and rolling, from side to side. And the Sun says, Don't stand in my way,