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you will die at once; stay on my right, says he. And he drew aside till the Sun rose away, and then he followed; and they two went up towards heaven, and went on and arrived at the village of the Sun's children. And he said, Here you stay, said he; so he stayed with them, with his children and grandchildren, and the Sun went off. And Kamakajaku stayed; and they asked him, Whence did you come hither? And he said, From the earth; I dwelt in my place, and I dipped salt-water, and a big fish swallowed me, and so I arrived here at your good town. So they remained in company; and they ate only raw food, those people above; and he shewed them fire, so that they ate cooked food. And they said to him, Don't go to that place, it is taboo, said they to him; and they went their way. And he kept house, and thought what that was they had said; Don't you go, they said, said he. And he went over, and opened up a stone which was the covering of a hole in the sky, and he looked down on his place at Gaji, and he cried. They brought him food, but it was not for him (he would not have it); so they asked him, Have you gone over by the further end of the house there? We forbade you to go there. Yes. And do you want to go down? And he said, Yes. And they made a house, and gave him a banana, and gave him seed of pau (to dye with), and they took a cane and tied it to the saddle-piece of the house, and he Kamakajaku sat in it. And they let it down. And they said, When the birds and such things cry, don't look out, but when the cicalas and the things that live on the earth cry, then you may look out; and they let him down, let him down. And when one cane was too short, they tied another to it, and it reached down to the hill and rested. And his friends had been seeking him, because they thought that he was dead already. And on the day that he came down again from heaven, they rejoiced because they saw him again, and good was their heart. And he lived a long while, till he died on his hill Gaji. And it is finished; yes, it is just this, the Story of Kamakajaku.