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"Bravo!" said Taddeo; "for he who robs is too often a knave of trumps."

"Well, then," replied Cola Jacovo, "Signora Cecca will play with me a game at Bankrupt."—"You'll not catch me at that," answered Cecca, "for I am no merchant."

"She is right," said Taddeo, "for that game is made for them."

"At all events, Signora Popa," continued Cola Jacovo, "let us play at 'Twenty-figures', and I'll give you the lead."—"By no means," replied Popa, "for that is a game which flatterers play."

"Spoken like Orlando!" said Taddeo; "for they make twenty and even thirty figures, transforming themselves whenever they like, to put a poor prince in a sack."

"The deuce take it!" continued Cola Jacovo, "I see that the time will pass away without my having any sport, unless Signora Ciulla will play with me the game of 'Call' for a pint of beans."—"Do you take me for a constable?" replied Ciulla: and Taddeo quickly rejoined, "In truth she has said wisely, for it is the business of the sheriffs and constables to call folks to the court."

"Come now. Signora Paola," rejoined Cola Jacovo, "let us play at piquet for a penny."—"Wrong again," replied Paola, "for I am no courtier."