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TEN Bookes of the Iliades into English out of French, by Arthur Hall, Esquire. Lond. imprinted by Ralph Newberie, 4to[1].1581 The Shield of Achilles, from the 18th Book of Homer, by Geo. Chapman, 4to. Lond.1596 Seven Books of the Iliades, by ditto, 4to[2]. Lond.1596 Do.1598 Fifteen Books of ditto, thin folio1600 The whole Works of Homer, by do. printed for Nath. Butterno date The Crowne of all Homer’s Workes, Batrachomymachia, &c. thin fol. printed by John Billno date[3]

  1. In the first vol. of the books of entries belonging to the Stationers’ company is the following:
    “Henry Bynneman] Nov. 1580, lycensed unto him under the wardens’ hands tenne bookes of the Iliades of Homer.” Again, Nov. 14, 1608. “Seven bookes of Homer’s Iliades translated into English by Geo. Chapman.” Again, April 8, 1611, “A booke called Homer’s Iliades in Englishe, containing 24 Bookes.” Again, Nov. 2, 1614, “Homer’s Odisses 24 bookes translated by George Chapman.”
  2. Meres, in his Second part of Wit’s Common-wealth, 1598, says that Chapman is “of good note for his inchoate Homer.”
  3. In the first volume of the entries of the Stationers’ company is the following:
    “T. Purfoote.] The Battell of the Frogges and Myce, and certain orations of Isocrates. Jan. 4th 1579.”