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Letter I.—The Gulf of Mexico—The Goelette Halcyon—Her Passengers and Crew—The Bravo—Sunday on board—A Calm—The Roadstead of Tampico—Prognostics of coming Evil—Morning before a Storm—The Custom House Boat—The Norte—The Goelette is driven out to Sea—The Halcyon returns to her anchoring Ground—The Bar—The River Panuco—Arrival at Tampico—A second 7

Letter II.—First Hours in New Spain—Description of Tampico—Inhabitants—Character of the Mexican—The European—The Indian—Military—The Fonda de la Bolza—Pastimes of the Inhabitants—Scenery of the Environs—The Bluff and the Rivers—Juliano—Insect hunting—A Cure of Enthusiasm—The Garapatos—A third Norte—Return of the Halcyon—Vexatious Detention—Pueblo Viejo—La Mira—La Fuente—The arriero Ant—We quit the Coast—Tampico Alta22

Letter III.—Halt at Tampico Alta—Physical Geography of New Spain—The Tierras calientes, Tierras templadas, and Tierras frias—Description of the Party—The Masters and Servants, Juliano, Miguel, Don Juan Espindola, Don Gaetano—Scenery—La Messa—"Aimable et execrable Tampico"—Osuhuama, an Indian Village—The Rancho—The Indian Cabin—The Inmates—Curious Scene—Indian Guile—Santa Catherina—The Hacienda—Chicontepec—A storm—Miguel, a borracho—Vale of the Sierra Madre—The Cura's Seat—The River Canada—Great Defile of the Canada; Features of—Splendid Scenery—Tlacolula—The Cura—The Mules—Miguel and Juliano—The Monte Penulco—The Tierras templadas38

Letter IV.—Scenery of the Monte Penulco—The Tierras templadas—Juliano's Sickness and Defection—Zacualtipan; Description of—The Arriero's Home—A Day's Rest—Ruins—An awkward Adventure—San Bernardo—The Agave Americana—The Cactus—Singular Scenery—Rio Oquilcalco—Rio Grande—The Mountain of San Ammonica—Hacienda Zoquital—Circuit to visit Regla—Puebla Grande de Mittan—Hacienda and Barranca of Regla—The Amalgamation Works—Real del Monte Company—The basaltic Rocks—The Cascade—Dangerous nocturnal Ascent to Real del Monte—The Town; Scenery in the Vicinity of—A Visit to the Mines—The various Shafts—Mode of working—An Indian Tale—Route from the Mines to the Capital—San Mateo Grande—The City of Mexico—Features of the neighbouring Plains59