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Letter V.—The City of Mexico—Dispersion of our Train, and Subsequent Arrangements—Pursuits of the Trio—Description of the Valley and City—The Environs of the City—The Calzadas—The Aqueducts—The Route of San Augustin—Optical Deception—Hacienda San Antonio; Description of—The Pedigral—Culture of the Maguey—Buildings of the Hacienda—San Augustin; View from its Environs—The Scenery of the Valley—Volcanoes and volcanic Phenomena, present and past—Routes from the Valley of Mexico—Tacuba—San Cosmo—Apopotla—The Cupressus disticha—Chapultepec—Guadaloupe—The Patron Saint of Mexico—Nuestra Senora de los Remideos—The Climate of Mexico—Earthquakes80

Letter VI.—Civilities to Foreigners in the City of Mexico—The Opinions of Foreigners—The French Barber—The Belgian Host—The German Saddler—The Corps d'Opera—The Palaces—The Canals—The Market—The Alguazil—Shops—The upper Classes, male and female—The Alameda—The Paseo de las Vigas—Military—Mexican Habits—State of the Country and of Parties—The Holy Week—Influx of Strangers of all Classes to Mexico—The Plaza Mayor—The Booths—Holy Thursday—Church visiting—Popular Amusements—The Rattles—Judas Iscariot—Processions on Good Friday—Saturday before Easter—The Termination of the Holy Week—Christianity in Mexico—Public Institutions—The Museum—Antiquities—The ancient Mexican Calendar—Antiquities106

Letter VII.—Excursion in the Environs—The Calzada—Penon Viejo—Lake Tezcuco—Hacienda, Chapingo, Huejutla—The Baño di Montezuma—Tezcosingo—Tezcuco—The Contador—Remains of the Mastodon—Singular Fact—San Juan Teotihuacan—The Houses of the Sun and Moon; Description of—History of Anahuac—Peopling of the Continent of America—Origin of these pyramidal Monuments—Time and Manner in which Men and Animals reached the American Continent—Entry into the House of the Moon—Terra cotta Heads and obsidian Knives—The Fainting Stone—Tecama—Zumpango—Huehuetoca—The Desague Real—Guautitlan—Tanepantla—Return to the Capital133

Letter VIII.—The Opera at Mexico—Bullfights—The Desierto—Scenery of the Valley of Mexico—Departure for the Coast—Tlalpam—Route of the Cruz del Marques—Cuernavaca—Visit to the Teocalli of Xochicalco—The House of Flowers—Yantipec—Cuautla Amilpas—Disagreeable Adventure—Zacualpam Amilpas—Base of Popocatepetl—San Mateo—Atlisco—Cholula167

Letter IX.—Cholula—The Great Pyramid—Quetzalcoatl—La Puebla—The English dray Horses—Route to Vera Cruz—The Pinal—Ojo de Agua—Orizava—Perote—Las Vigas—The Cofre de Perote and its Lavas—The Alps and the Cordillera—Jalapa—The Litter—Puente del Rey—Vera Cruz—The Roadstead—Sail from New Spain—The Vomito Prieto—Conclusion203