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PEEL and slice twelve good, sound, fresh tomatoes ; the slices about a quarter of an inch thick. Set them on the ice or in a refrigerator while you make the dressing. Make the same as " Mayonnaise," or you may use " Cream dressing." Take one head of the broad-leaved variety of lettuce, wash, and arrange them neatly around the sides of a salad bowl. Place the cold, sliced tomatoes in the centre. Pour over the dressing and serve.


THIS ought to be nicely blanched and crisp, and is the most whole- some of all salads. Take two, cut away the root, remove the dark green leaves, and pick off all the rest ; wash and drain well, add a few chives. Dress with " Mayonnaise dressing."

Endive is extensively cultivated for the adulteration of coffee; is also a fine relish, and has broad leaves. Endive is of the same nature as chicory, the leaves being curly.


PREPARE the dressing the same as for tomato salad ; cut the celery into bits half an inch long, and season. Serve at once before the vinegar injures the crispness of the vegetables.


TAKE the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs, and salt and mustard to taste ; mash it fine ; make a paste by adding a dessertspoonful of olive oil or melted butter (use butter always when it is difficult to get fresh oil) ; mix thoroughly, and then dilute by adding gradually a teacup- ful of vinegar, and pour over the lettuce. Garnish by slicing another egg and laying over the lettuce. This is sufficient for a moderate-sized dish of lettuce.


PARE six or eight large potatoes, and boil till done, and slice thin while hot ; peel and cut up three large onions into small bits and mix with the potatoes; cut up some breakfast bacon into small bits, suf- ficient to fill a teacup and fry it a light brown ; remove the meat, and into the grease stir three tablespoonfuls of vinegar, making a sour

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