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SCRAPE and wash tbem; cook t'.iem tender in boiling water salted slightly. Drain well and mash them. Work in a good piece of but- ter and season with pepper and salt. Heap up on a vegetable dish and serve hot.

Carrots are also good simply boiled in salted water and dished up hot with melted butter over them.


TURNIPS are boiled plain with or without meat, also mashed like potatoes and stewed like parsnips. They should always be served hot. They require from forty minutes to an hour to cook.


SEE STEWED PUMPKIN FOR PIE. Cook the same, then after stew- ing season the same as mashed potatoes. Pumpkin is good baked in the same manner as baked winter squash.


Ingredients. Six heads of endive, salt and water, one pint of broth, thickening of butter and flour, one tablespoonful of lemon juice, a small lump of sugar.

Mode. Wash and free the endive thoroughly from insects, re- move the green part of the leaves, and put it into boiling water, slightly salted. Let it remain for ten minutes; then take it out, drain it till there is no water remaining and chop it very fine. Put it into a stewpan with the broth, add a little salt and a lump of sugar, and boil until the endive is perfectly tender. When done, which may be ascertained by squeezing a piece between the thumb and finger, add a thickening of butter and flour and the lemon juice; let the sauce boil up and serve.

Time. Ten minutes to boil, five minutes to simmer in the broth.


PREPARE them the same as for stewing. Place them in a baking- pan in a moderate oven. Season with salt, pepper, lemon juice and chopped parsley. Cook in the oven fifteen minutes, baste with but- ter. Arrange on a dish and pour the gravy over them. Serve with

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