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ONE gallon of milk will make a moderate dish. Put one spoonful of prepared rennet to each quart of milk, and when you find that it has become curd, tie it loosely in a thin cloth and hang it to drain ; do not wring or press the cloth ; when drained, put the curd into a mug and set in cool water, which must be frequently changed (a re- frigerator saves this trouble). When you dish it, if there is whey in the mug, ladle it gently out without pressing the curd ; lay it on a deep dish, and pour fresh cream over it ; have powdered loaf-sugar to eat with it ; also hand the nutmeg grater.

Prepared rennet can be had at almost any druggist's, and at a reasonable price.


FIRST scald the quantity of milk desired ; let it cool a little, then add the rennet; the directions for quantity are given on the pack- ages of " Prepared Rennet. " When the curd is formed, take it out on a ladle without breaking it ; lay it on a thin cloth held by two per- sons ; dash a ladlef ul of water over each ladlef ul of curd, to separate the curd ; hang it up to drain the water off, and then put it under a light press for one hour; cut the curd with a thread into small pieces; lay a cloth between each two, and press for an hour ; take them out, rub them with fine salt, let them lie on a board for an hour, and wash them in cold water ; let them lie to drain, and in a day or two the skin will look dry ; put some sweet grass under and over them, and they will soon ripen.


PUT a pan of sour or loppered milk on the stove or range where it is not too hot ; let it scald until the whey rises to the top (be careful that it does not boil, or the curd will become hard and tough) . Place a clean cloth or towel over a sieve and pour this whey and curd into it, leaving it covered to drain two or three hours ; then put it into a dish and chop it fine with a spoon, adding a teaspoonful of salt, a table- spoonful of butter and enough sweet cream to make the cheese the consistency of putty. With your hands make it into little balls flat- tened. Keep it in a cool place. Many like it made rather thin with cream, serving it in a deep dish. You may make this cheese of sweet milk by forming the curd with prepared rennet.

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