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SLIP is bonny-clabber without its acidity, and so delicate is its flavor that many persons like it just as well as ice cream. It is pre- pared thus : Make a quart of milk moderately warm ; then stir into it one large spoonful of the preparation called rennet ; set it by, and when cool again it will be as stiff as jelly. It should be made only a few hours before it is to be used, or it will be tough and watery; in summer set the dish on ice after it has jellied. It must be served with powdered sugar, nutmeg and cream.


MELT an ounce of butter and whisk into it a pint of boiled milk. Dissolve two tablespoonf uls of flour in a gill of cold milk, add it to the boiled milk and let it cool. Beat the yolks of four eggs with a heap- ing teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of pepper and five ounces of grated cheese-. iWhip the whites of the eggs and add them, pour the mixture into a deep tin lined with buttered paper, and allow for the rising, say four inches. Bake twenty minutes and serve the mo- ment it leaves the oven.


MELT an ounce of butter in a saucepan ; mix smoothly with it one ounce of flour, a pinch of salt and cayenne and a quarter of a pint of milk ; simmer the mixture gently over the fire, stirring it all the time, till it is as thick as melted butter, stir into it about three ounces of finely-grated parmesan, or any good cheese. Turn it into a basin and mix with it the yolks of two well-beaten eggs. Whisk three whites to a solid froth, and just before the souffle is baked put them into it, and pour the mixture into a small round tin. It should be only half filled, as the fondu will rise very high. Pin a napkin around the dish in which it is baked, and serve the moment it is baked. It would be well to have a metal cover strongly heated. Time twenty minutes. Suf- ficient for six persons.


ANY person who is fond of cheese could not fail to favor this recipe.

Take three slices of bread well-buttered, first cutting off the brown

outside crust. Grate fine a quarter of a pound of any kind of good

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