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246 BREAD.

water to merely wet it, but not enough to make it into a batter, stir- ring constantly with a spoon), one-half cup of molasses, two teaspoon- fuls salt, one teacup yeast, make it as stiff as can be stirred with a spoon, mixing with warm water and let rise all night. In the morn- ing add a level teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a little water; then put it in a large pan, smooth the top with the hand dipped in cold water ; let it stand a short time and bake five or six hours. If put ixi the oven late in the day, let it remain all night.

Graham may be used instead of rye, and baked as above.

This is similar to the "Rye and Injun" of our grandmothers' days, but that was placed in a kettle, allowed to rise, then placed in a cov- ered iron pan upon the hearth before the fire, with coals heaped upon the lid, to bake all night.


BEAT together one pint of milk, four tablespoonfuls of melted but- ter, or half butter and half lard, half a cupful of yeast, one teaspoon- ful of salt and two eggs. Stir into this two quarts of flour. When this dough is risen, make into two large rolls and bake as any bread. Cut across the top diagonal gashes just before putting into the oven.


LET the bread be made as directed for wheat bread, then take three pieces as large as a pint bowl each ; strew a little flour over the paste- board or table, roll each piece under your hands to twelve inches length, making it smaller in circumference at the ends than in the middle; having rolled the three in this way, take a baking-tin, lay one part on it, joint one end of each of the other two to it, and braid them to- gether the length of the rolls and join the ends by pressing them to- gether ; dip a brush in milk and pass it over the top of the loaf ; after ten minutes or so, set it in a quick oren and bake for nearly an hour.


ONE quart of milk, one pint of corn meal, one teacupful of wheat flour, a teaspoonful of salt, two tablespoonfuls of melted butter. Scald the milk and gradually pour it on the meal ; when cool add the butter and salt, also a half cup of yeast. Do this at night ; in the morn- ing beat thoroughly and add two well-beaten eggs, and a half teaspoon-

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