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PUT over the fire a quart of milk, put into it a tablespoonful of cold butter, stir a heaping teaspoon f ul of flour into half a gill of milk ; as soon as the milk on the fire boils, stir in the flour, add a teaspoonful of salt ; let all boil up once, remove from the fire, and dip in this slices of toasted bread. When all are used up, pour what is left of the scalded milk over the toast. Cover and send to the table hot.


HEAT a pint of milk to boiling and add a piece of butter the size of an egg ; stir a tablespoonful of flour smoothly into a cup of rich cream, and add some of the boiling milk to this; heat it gradually and pre- vent the flour from lumping ; then stir into the boiling milk and let it cook a few moments ; salt to taste. After taking from the fire stir in a beaten egg ; strain the mixture on to toast lightly buttered.


To ONE egg thoroughly beaten, put one cup of sweet milk and a little salt. Slice light bread and dip into the mixture, allowing each slice to absorb some of the milk; then brown on a hot buttered griddle or thick-bottomed frying pan ; spread with butter and serve hot.


CUT four or five hard-boiled eggs into slices. Put a piece of butter half the size of an egg into a saucepan and when it begins to bubble add a finely chopped onion. Let the onion cook a little without taking color, then stir in a teaspoonful of flour. Add a cupful of milk and stir until it becomes smooth ; then put in the slices of eggs and let them get hot. Pour over neatly trimmed slices of hot buttered toast. The sauce must be seasoned to taste with pepper and salt.


TOAST thin slices of bread an even, crisp brown. Place on a warm plate, allowing one small slice to each person, and pour on enough melted cheese to cover them. Rich new cheese is best. Serve while warm. Many prefer a little prepared mustard spread over the toast before putting on the cheese.

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