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PUT half an ounce of butter in a frying pan ; when hot add gradu- ally four ounces of mild American cheese. Whisk it thoroughly until melted. Beat together half a pint of cream and two eggs ; whisk into the cheese, add a little salt, pour over the crisp toast, and serve.

The two above recipes are usually called " Welsh Karebit."


SELECT the large ones, used for frying, and first dip them in beaten egg, then in either cracker or bread crumbs and cook upon a fine wire gridiron, over a quick fire. Toast should be made ready in advance, and a rich cream sauce poured over the whole. After pouring on the sauce, finely cut celery strewn over the top adds to their delicacy.

Or wash oysters in the shell and put them on hot coals, or upon the top of a hot stove, or bake them in a hot oven ; open the shells with an oyster-knife, taking care to lose none of the liquor. Dip the toast into hot, salted water quickly and turn out the oyster and liquor over the toast ; season with salt and pepper and a teaspoonful of melted butter over each.

Oysters steamed in the shell are equally as good.


PEEL a quart of mushrooms and cut off a little of the root end. Melt an ounce of butter in the frying pan and fry in it half a pound of raw minced steak ; add two saltspoonf uls of salt, a pinch of cayenne and a gill of hot water; fry until the juices are extracted from the meat ; tilt the pan and squeeze the meat with the back of the spoon until there is nothing left but dry meat, then remove it ; add the mush- rooms to the liquid and if there is not enough of it, add more butter ; toss them about a moment and pour out on hot toast.

Some add a little sherry to the dish before removing from the fire.


PAEE and stew a quart of ripe tomatoes until smooth. Season with salt, pepper and a tablespoonful of butter. When done, add one cup

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