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CAKES. 513

pounded sugar and put it back in the oven to color. When cold, cut it into strips ; pile these on a dish pyramidically and serve.

This may be made of jelly-cake dough, and, after baking, allowed to cool before spreading with the preserve ; either way is good, as well as fanciful.


ONE cup of powdered sugar, half a cup of butter, two tablespoon- fuls of lemon juice, three whole eggs and three yolks, beaten sepa- rately, three cups of sifted flour. Put this all together with half a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a tablespoonful of milk. If it is too stiff to roll out, add just enough more milk. Roll it a quarter of an inch thick and cut it out with any tin cutter. Place the cakes in a pan slightly greased and color the tops with beaten egg and milk, with some chopped almonds over them. Bake in a rather quick oven.


STIR one cup of powdered white sugar and one-half cup of butter together, till perfectly light ; beat the yolks of three eggs till very thick and smooth; sift three cups of flour and stir it into the beaten eggs with the butter and sugar ; add a teaspoonful of mixed spice (nutmeg, mace and cinnamon) and half a glass of rose-water or wine ; stir the whole well and lay it on your paste-board, which must first be sprinkled with flour; if you find it so moist as to be unmanageable, throw in a little more flour; spread the dough into a sheet about half an inch thick and cut it out in round cakes with a biscuit-cutter ; lay them in buttered pans and bake about five or six minutes ; when cold, spread over the surface of each cake a liquor of fruit jelly or marmalade ; then beat the whites of three or four eggs till they stand alone ; beat into the froth, by degrees, a sufficiency of powdered loaf sugar to make it as thick as icing ; flavor with a few drops of strong essence of lemon, and with a spoon heap it up on each cake, making it high in the centre ; put the cakes into a cool oven, and as soon as the tops are colored a pale brown, take them out.


ONE cup of sugar and half a cup of butter beaten to a smooth cream; add three well-beaten eggs, a teaspoonful of vanilla extract, four cups of sifted flour, one cup of raisins and one of currants, half

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