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MASH very smooth two cupfuls of canned peaches, rub them through a sieve and cook for three minutes in a syrup made by boil- ing together one cupful of sugar and stirring all the time. Place the pan containing the syrup and peaches into another of boiling water and add one-half packet of gelatine, prepared the same as in previous recipes, and stir for five minutes to thoroughly dissolve the gelatine, then take it from the fire, place in a pan of ice-water, beat until nearly cool and then add the well- frothed whites of six eggs. Beat this whole mixture until it commences to harden. Then pour into a mold, set away to cool and serve with cream and sugar. It should be placed on the ice to cool for two or three hours before serving.


A QUART of fine peaches, pare and stone the fruit and cut in quar- ters. Beat the whites of three eggs with a half cupful of powdered sugar until it is stiff enough to cut with a knife. Take the yolks and mix with half a cupful of granulated sugar and a pint of milk. Put the peaches into the mixture, place in a pudding-dish and bake until almost firm ; then put in the whites, mixing all thoroughly again, and bake a light brown. Eat ice cold.


Pur two pints of cream into two bowls; with one bowl mix six ounces of powdered loaf sugar, the juice of two large lemons and two glassfuls of white wine ; then add the other pint of cream and stir the whole very hard; boil two ounces of isinglass or gelatine with four small teacupf uls of water till reduced to one-half ; then stir the mix- ture luke-warm into the other ingredients; put them in a glass dish to congeal.


HEAT a quart of thick, sweet cream ; when ready to boil, stir into it quickly three tablespoonfuls of cornstarch flour, blended with some cold cream ; sweeten to taste and allow it to boil gently, stirring for two or three minutes ; add quickly the whites of six eggs, beaten to a stiff froth; do not allow it to boil up more than once after adding the eggs ; flavor with lemon, vanilla, bitter almond or grated lemon peel ; lay the

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