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snow thus formed quickly in rocky heaps on silver or glass dishes, or in shapes. Iced, it will turn out well.

If the recipe is closely followed, any family may enjoy it at a tri- fling expense, and it is really worthy the table of an epicure. It can be made the day before it is to be eaten; kept cold.


TAKE about three tablespoonfuls of some good preserve; rub it through a sieve with as much cream as will fill a quart mold ; dissolve three-quarters of an ounce of isinglass or gelatine in half a pint of water ; when almost cold, mix it well with the cream ; put it into a mold, set in a cool place and turn out next day.


PAEE and quarter (removing stones) a quart of sound, ripe peaches ; place them all in a dish that it will not injure to set in the oven and yet be suitable to place on the table. Sprinkle the peaches with sugar, and cover them well with the beaten whites of three eggs. Stand the dish in the oven until the eggs have become a delicate brown, then remove, and when cool enough, set the dish on ice, or in a very cool place. Take the yolks of the eggs, add to them a pint of milk, sweeten and flavor, and boil same in a custard kettle, being care- ful to keep the eggs from curdling. When cool pour into a glass pitcher and serve with the meringue when ready to use.


ONE dozen apples, pared and cored, one pound and a half of sugar. Put the apples on with water enough to cover them and let them stew until they look as if they would break ; then take them out and put the sugar in the same water ; let the syrup come to a boil, put in the apples and let them stew until done through and clear; then take them out, slice into the syrup one large lemon and add an ounce of gelatine dissolved in a pint of cold water. Let the whole mix well and come to a boil; then pour upon the apples. The syrup will con- geal. It is to be eaten cold with cream.

Or you may change the dish by making a soft custard with the yolks of four eggs, three tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar and a

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