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the common kind, about three-fourths ice and one-fourth salt. When packed, before putting the ice on top of the cover, beat the custard as you would batter, for five minutes steady ; then put on the cover and put the ice and salt over it, and cover the whole with a thick mat, blanket or carpet and let it stand for an hour. Then carefully uncover and scrape from the bottom and sides of the pail the thick coating of frozen custard, making every particle clear, and beat again very hard, until the custard is a smooth, half -congealed paste. Do this thoroughly. Put on the cover, ice, salt and blanket, and leave it fo.v five or six hours, replenishing the ice and salt if necessary.

Common Sense in the Household. FROZEN PEACHES.

ONE can or twelve large peaches, two coffeecupfuls of sugar, one pint of water and the whites of three eggs beaten to a stiff froth; break the peaches rather fine and stir all the ingredients together; freeze the whole into form.

Frozen fruit of any kind can be made the same way; the fruit should be mashed to a smooth pulp, but not thinned too much. In freezing, care should be taken to prevent its getting lumpy.


THE above recipe, increasing the quantity of peaches, raspberries or whatever fruit you may use, and adding a small amount of rich cream, make fine frozen fruits. In freezing, you must be especially careful to prevent its getting lump.


THE juice of six lemons and the grated rind of three, a large sweet orange, juice and rind ; squeeze out all the juice and steep it- in the rind of orange and lemons a couple of hours ; then squeeze and strain through a towel, add a pint of water and two cupfuls of sugar. Stir until dissolved, turn into a freezer, then proceed as for ice-cream, let- ting it stand longer, two or three hours.

When fruit jellies are used, gently heat the water sufficiently to melt them; then cool and freeze. Other flavors may be made in this manner, varying the flavoring to taste.

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