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boiling water. S'tir it all the time it is boiling, lifting the spoon gently up and down, and letting the gruel fall slowly back again into the pan.


Two TABLESPOONFULS of fine Indian meal, mixed smooth with cold water, and a saltspoonf ul of salt ; add one quart of boiling water and cook twenty minutes. Stir it frequently, and if it becomes too thick use boiling water to thin it. If the stomach is not too weak, a table- spoonful of cream may be used to cool it. Some like it sweetened and others like it plain. For very sick persons, let it settle, pour off the top, and give without other seasoning. For convalescents, toast a piece of bread as nicely as possible, and put it in the gruel with a tablespoonful of nice sweet cream and a little ginger and sugar. This should be used only when a laxative is allowed.


BEAT the yolk of an egg with one tablespoonful of sugar ; pour one teacupful of boiling water on it, add the white of an egg, beaten to a froth, with any seasoning or spice desired. Take warm.


THE same as arrowroot, excepting it should be all milk, and thick- ened with a scant tablespoonful of sifted flour ; let it boil five minutes, stirring it constantly, add a little cold milk, give it one boil up, and it is ready for use.


ONE large cupful of fresh milk, new if you can get it, one cupful of boiling water, one teaspoonful of arrowroot, wet to a paste with cold water, twp teaspoonfuls of white sugar, a pinch of salt. Put the sugar into the milk, the salt into the boiling water, which should be poured into a farina kettle. Add the wet arrowroot and boil, stirring constantly until it is clear; put in the milk and cook ten minutes, stirring often. Give while warm, adding hot milk should it be thicker than gruel.


ONE large cupful of boiling milk, one even tablespoonful of arrow- root rubbed to a paste with cold water, two teaspoonfuls of white

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