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sugar, a pinch of salt, flavor with rose-water. Proceed as in the fore- going recipes, boiling and stirring eight minutes. Turn into a wet mold, and, when firm, serve with cream and powdered sugar.


SOAK a cupful of tapioca in a quart of cold water after washing it thoroughly two or three times ; after soaking three or four hours, simmer it in a stewpan until it becomes quite clear, stirring often ; add the juice of a lemon, and a little of the grated peel, also a pinch of salt, Sweeten to taste. Wine can be substituted for lemon, if



BREAK the bark into bits, pour boiling water over it, cover and let it infuse until cold. Sweeten, ice, and take for summer disorders, or add lemon juice and drink for a bad cold.


UPON" an ounce of unbruised flax-seed and a little pulverized liq- uorice-root pour a pint of boiling (soft or rain) water, and place the vessel containing these ingredients near, but not on, the fire for four hours. Strain through a linen cloth. Make it fresh every day. An excellent drink in fever accompanied by a cough.


To A large tablespoonful of flax-seed, allow a tumbler and a half of cold water. Boil them together till the liquid becomes very sticky. Then strain it hot over a quarter of a pound of pulverized sugar, and an ounce of pulverized gum arabic. Stir it till quite dissolved, and squeeze into it the juice of a lemon.

This mixture has frequently been found an efficacious remedy for a cold, taking a wine-glass of it as often as the cough is troublesome.


PUT tamarinds into a pitcher or tumbler till it is one-third full, then fill up with cold water, cover it, and let it infuse for a quarter of an hour or more.

Currant jelly or cranberry juice mixed with water makes a pleas^ ant drink for an invalid.

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