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Alcohol: First cleanse out the stomach by an emetic, then dash cold water on the head, and give ammonia (spirits of hartshorn).

Laudanum, Morphine, Opium: First give a strong emetic of mustard and water, then very strong coffee and acid drinks; dash cold water on the head, then keep in motion.

Belladonna: Give an emetic of mustard, salt and water; then drink plenty of vinegar and water or lemonade.

Charcoal: In poisons, by carbonic gas, remove the patient to the open air, dash cold water on the head and body, and stimulate the nos- trils and lungs with hartshorn, at the same time rubbing the chest briskly.

Corrosive Sublimate, Saltpetre, Blue Vitriol, Bed-bug Poison: Give white of egg, freshly mixed with water, in large quantities ; or give wheat flour and water, or soap and water freely, or salt and water, or large draughts of milk.

Lead: White lead and sugar of lead. Give an emetic, then fol- low with cathartics, such as castor oil, and epsom salts especially.

Nux Vomica: First emetics, and then brandy.

Oxalic Acid (frequently taken for epsom salts) : First give soap and water, or chalk or magnesia and water. Give every two minutes.

White Vitriol: Give plenty of milk and water.

Tartar Emetic: Take large doses of tea made of white oak bark, or peruvian bark. Drink plenty of warm water to encourage vomit- ing; then, if the vomiting should not stop, give a grain of opium in water.

Nitrate of Silver (lunar caustic) : Give a strong solution of com- mon salt and water, and then an emetic.

Verdigris: Give plenty of white of egg and water.

Tobacco: Emetics, frequent draughts of cold water; camphor and brandy.

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