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Aspic: Savory jelly for cold dishes.

Au gratin: Dishes prepared with sauce and crumbs and baked.

Bouchees:VeTy thin patties or cakes, as name indicates. mouth-" fuls.

Bdba:A peculiar, sweet French yeast cake.

Bechamel: A rich, white sauce made with stock.

Bisque: A. white soup made of shell fish.

To Blanch: To place any article on the fire till it boils, then plunge it in cold water; to whiten poultry, vegetables, etc. To remove the skin by immersing in boiling water.

Bouillon: A. clear soup, stronger than broth, yet not so strong as consomme, which is " reduced" soup.

B raise .-Meat cooked in a closely covered stewpan, so that it re- tains its own flavor and those of the vegetables and flavorings put with it.

Brioche: A very rich, unsweetened French cake made with yeast.

Cannelon: Stuffed rolled-up meat.

Consomme: Clear soup or bouillon boiled down till very rich, i. e. consumed.

Croquettes: A savory mince of fish or fowl, made with sauce into shapes, and fried.

Croustades: Fried forms of bread to serve minces or other meats upon.

Entree: A small dish, usually served between the courses at din- ner.

Fondue: A light preparation of melted cheese.

Fondant: Sugar boiled and beaten to a creamy paste.

Hollandaise Sauce: A rich sauce, something like hot mayonnaise.

Matelote: A rich fish stew, with wine.

Mayonnaise: A rich salad dressing.


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