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goods in blue dye-tub a light blue, dry and wash", dip in alum and bark dye. If it does not take well, warm the dye a little.

Purple: For one pound goods. First obtain a light blue, by dip- ping in home-made dye-tub ; then dry ; dip in alum four ounces, with water to cover, when little warm. If color is not full enough add chemic.

Yellow: For one pound goods, alum three ounces, sugar of lead three-fourths ounce ; immerse goods in solution over night ; take out, drain, and make a new lye with fustic one pound; dip until the re- quired color is obtained.

Crimson: For one pound goods, alum three ounces; dip at hand heat one hour ; take out and drain while making new dye by boiling ten minutes, cochineal three ounces, bruised nutgalls two ounces and cream of tartar one-fourth ounce, in one pail of water; when little cool, begin to dip, raising heat to boil ; dip one hour ; wash and dry.

Sky Blue on Silk or Cotton Very Beautiful: Give goods as much color from a solution of blue vitriol two ounces, to water one gallon, as it will take up in dipping fifteen minutes; then run it through lime water. This will make a beautiful and durable sky blue.

Brown on Silk or Cotton Very Beautiful: After obtaining a blue color as above, run goods through a solution of prussiate of pot- ash one ounce, to water one gallon.

Light Blue: For cold water one gallon, dissolve alum one-half tablespoonful, in hot water one teacupful, and add to it; then add chemic, one teaspoonful at a time to obtain the desired color the more chemic the darker the color.


Chrome Black Best in Use: For five pounds of goods, blue vit- riol six ounces ; boil a few minutes, then dip the goods three-fourths of an hour, airing often; take out the goods, make a dye with three pounds of logwood, boil one-half hour ; dip three-fourths of an hour, air goods, and dip three-fourths of an hour more. Wash in strong suds. This will not fade by exposure to sun.

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