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FISH. 61


SELECT as many salt mackerel as required; wash and cleanse them well, then put them to soak all day in cold water, changing them every two hours ; then put them into fresh water just before retiring. In the morning drain off the water, wipe them dry, roll them in flour, and fry in a little butter on a hot, thick-bottomed frying pan. Serve with a little melted butter poured over, and garnish with a lit- tle parsley.


FKESH mackerel are cooked in water salted, and a little vinegar added ; with this exception they can be served in the same way as the salt mackerel. Broiled ones are very nice with the same cream sauce, or you can substitute egg sauce.


AFTER the fish has laid in salt water six hours, take it out, and to every six pounds of fish take one-quarter cupful each of salt, black pepper and cinnamon, one-eighth cupful of allspice, and one teaspoonful of cloves.

Cut the fish in pieces and put into a half gallon stone baking- jar, first a layer of fish, then the spices, flour, and then spread a thin layer of butter on, and continue so until the dish is full. Fill the jar with equal parts of vinegar and water, cover with tightly fitting lid, so that the steam cannot escape ; bake five hours, remove from the oven, and when it is cold it is to be cut in slices and served. This is a

tea or lunch dish.


PUT the crabs into a kettle of boiling water, and throw in a hand- ful of salt. Boil from twenty minutes to half an hour. Take them from the water when done and pick out all the meat; be careful not to break the shell. To a pint of meat put a little salt and pepper; taste, and if not enough add more, a little at a time, till suited. Grate in a very little nutmeg and add one spoonful of cracker or bread crumbs, two eggs well beaten, and two tablespoonfuls of butter (even full) ; stir all well together ; wash the shells clean, and fill each shell full of the mixture ; sprinkle crumbs over the top and moisten with the liquor ; set in the oven till of a nice brown ; a few minutes will do it. Send to the table hot, arranged on large dishes. They are eaten at breakfast or supper.

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