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62 FISH.


FLAKE up cold boiled halibut and set the plate into the steamer, that the fish may heat without drying. Boil the bones and skin of the fish with a slice of onion and a very small piece of red pepper ; a bit of this the size of a kernel of coffee will make the sauce quite as hot as most persons like it. Boil this stock down to half a pint ; thicken with one teaspoonful of butter and one teaspoonful of flour, mixed together. Add one drop of extract of almond. Pour this sauce over your halibut and stick bits of parsley over it.


TAKE one slice of sturgeon two inches thick; let it stand in hot water five minutes ; drain, put it in a bowl and add a gill of vinegar, two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, half a teaspoonful of salt, a salt- spoonful of black pepper and the juice of half a lemon; let it stand six hours, turning it occasionally ; drain and dry on a napkin ; dip it in egg ; roll in bread crumbs and fry, or rather boil, in very hot fat. Beat up the yolks of two raw eggs, add a teaspoonful of French mus- tard, and by degrees, half of the marinade, to make a smooth sauce, which serve with the fish.


TAKE out the backbone of the fish; for one weighing two pounds take a tablespoonf ul of allspice and cloves mixed ; these spices should be put into little bags of not too thick muslin ; put sufficient salt di- rectly upon each fish ; then roll in cloth, over which sprinkle a little cayenne pepper; put alternate layers of fish, spice and sage in an earthen jar; cover with the best cider vinegar; cover the jar closely with a plate, and over this put a covering of dough, rolled out to twice the thickness of pie crust. Make the edges of paste, to adhere closely to the sides of the jar, so as to make it air tight. Put the jar into a pot of cold water and let it boil from three to five hours, ac- cording to quantity. Ready when cold.


TAKE a pound or so of cold boiled fish (halibut, rock or cod) y not chop, but cut, into pieces an inch in length. Mix in a bowl a dress- ing as follows: The yolks of four boiled eggs rubbed to a smooth paste with salad oil or butter; add to these salt, pepper, mustard.

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