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The Zankiwank

happen to be younger or older, and then your own age is nicer still.

“I think,” said the Zankiwenk, “that we will start without the Bletherwitch. She knows the way and can take a balloon.”

“If she takes a balloon she will lose it. You had better let the balloon take her,” exclaimed the Jackarandajam severely.

“Take your places! Take your places!” cried the unseen porter. So everybody made a rush for the train, and they all entered a Pullman Car and sat down on the seats.

“Dear me! How very incorrectly that porter speaks. He means, of course, that the seats should take, or receive us.”

The Zankiwank only smiled, while Mr Swinglebinks commenced counting up to a hundred, but as he lost one, he could only count up to ninety-nine—so, to keep his arithmetic going, he subtracted a time-piece from his neighbour’s pocket, multiplied his foot-warmers, and divided his attention between the Wimble and the Wamble, who were both of the party, being left-handed and deaf.