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and the Bletherwitch

Maudie and Willie took their places in the cat with all the other passengers amid a perfect babel of chattering and laughing and crying, and then, as the train began to slowly move out of the station, the Zankiwank solemnly sang the following serious song:—

Off to Fable Land.

The midnight train departs at three,
To Fable Land we go,
For this express is nothing less
Than a steamer, don’t you know!
We’re sailing now upon the Thames,
All in a penny boat,
And we soon shall change for a mountain range,
In the atmosphere to float!

  So off we go to Fable Land—
   (Speak kindly to the guard!)
  Which many think a Babel-land,
   But this you disregard.
  You’ll find it is a Stable-land,
   With stables in the yard—