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administration, and continued for forty-eight years, they will doubtless be responsible for whatever additional evils may result from its farther continuance.

If the preceding pages shall tend in any way to diffuse such information on the important subject to which they relate, as shall lead to the speedy adoption of those measures I have taken the liberty to recommend, for the future management and employment of transported felons within the present limits of the colony of New South Wales, and on the eastern and northern coasts of New Holland; I shall not have occasion to regret the circumstance of having employed a portion of the leisure of a long and dreary voyage, in thereby .promoting the welfare and advancement of my adopted country;—a country, which will ere long be, beyond all comparison, the most valuable, as it is already the most flourishing, dependency of the British Crown.

On board the Abel Gower,
Lat. 16° North Atlantic Ocean,
31st October, 1836.