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of convicts to those settlers who come out, and to support them for two years from the public stores: in that time, if they are industrious, they will be in a situation to support themselves; and I do not think they would be able to do so in less time. At the expiration of two years, they may return half the convicts they have been allowed, and would want no farther assistance from government."

"Sydney Cove, 17th June, 1790.

If settlers are sent out, many difficulties will be removed; they may choose the situations to which I cannot at this moment detach convicts: and I have had the honour of observing, in my former despatches, that settlers appear to me to be absolutely necessary.

"As I thought the first settlers sent out might require more encouragement than those who might come hereafter, I proposed, in my last despatches, giving them a certain number of convicts for two years, and supporting them during that time at the expense of the Crown. Much will depend on ensuring the success of the first settlers sent out, and who, I presume, will be good farmers: the assistance proposed for them will certainly put them at their ease, if they are industrious, and would not, I apprehend, be any great loss to the Crown.