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The Text of the Present Edition

The earliest known text of The Two Gentlemen of Verona is that of the First Folio of 1623.

By permission of the Oxford University Press, the text of the present edition is that of the Oxford Shakespeare edited by W. J. Craig. Departures from Craig's text, and from that of the First Folio, are indicated below.

1. Minor changes in spelling and pronunciation have not been listed.

2. Craig's text and the present one follow the division into acts and scenes indicated in the First Folio; but the Latin designations in the Folio (e.g. Actus primus, Scena prima) are replaced by English equivalents.

In the First Folio the Dramatis Personæ ('The names of all the Actors') appear at the end of the play.

3. The stage-directions and list of dramatis personæ of the First Folio have been restored as far as possible, all additions being enclosed within square brackets. Aside from editorial additions within brackets, the stage-directions of the present edition differ from those of the First Folio only in the following instances, the readings of the Folio appearing after the colons:

I. iii. 91 S.d. Exeunt.: Exeunt. Finis.

II. iv. 215 S.d. [Exit.]: Exeunt.

III. i. 398 S.d. [Exit.]: Exeunt.

IV. iv. 212 S.d. [Exit.]: Exeunt.

V. ii. 7 S.d. [Jul. Aside.]: Pro.

13 S.d. [Jul. Aside.]: Thu.

56 S.d. [Exit.]: Exeunt.