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The Two Gentlemen of Verona

4. In the text of the speeches the present edition departs from the text of Craig, and restores the readings of the First Folio, in the following instances, Craig's readings appearing after the colons:

I. i. 117–119 Speed. [Nodding.] Ay.: [Speed nods.] Did she nod? Speed. Ay.

ii. 51 'fool: fool

II. iii. 20 in it: in

iv. 96 pair: pairs

197 [eye]: eye

v. 57 alehouse: alehouse so

57 an: a

III. i. 329 [kissed]: kissed

IV. iv. 6 I would: would I

92 Well,: Well, well,

5. In the present edition, and in that of Craig, the text of the speeches departs from the text of the First Folio in the following instances, the readings of the Folio appearing after the colons:

I. i. 65 leave: love

77 a sheep: Sheepe

155 testerned: cestern'd

ii. 93 your: you

iii. 88 father calls: Fathers call's

II. iii. 42 tied: tide

43 tied that ever any man tied.: Tide, that euer any man tide.

45 tied: tide

59 tied: tide

iv. 63 know: knew

109 mistress: a Mistresse

167 makes: make

197 Is it: It is

197 Valentinus': Valentines

v. 2 Milan: Padua

43 that my: that that my

III. i. 81 of Verona: in Verona

149 would be: should be

IV. i. 35 miserable: often miserable

49 An heir, and near: And heire and Neece,

ii. 116 his: her

iii. 17 abhors: abhor'd